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Sarah Louise
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All-round fitness

Reap the benefits by reducing stress, improving wellbeing, increasing flexibility, more stamina and the ability to better cope with what life throws at you!
Weight loss program
Includes specially tailored sessions to enhance the body’s ability to burn fat even when you are resting! Includes thorough measurements and continuous assessment to keep track of progress.
Nutritional Advice & Motivational Consultation
From the initial consultation your trainer will gather information about where you are now, what your goals are and together work out a specific program that meets your individual needs.
Pre and post natal
Expertise and experience in training in training several clients before, during, and after pregnancy. Apart from all the obvious benefits (see link to Fitpregnancy website) the return to shape after the baby is born is greatly enhanced.
Over 50’s and new exercisers
It’s never too late or too early to start feeling the benefits of a fitness program. Protecting against brittle bones, improving flexibility and mobility as well as feeling fit and strong for everyday life are just some of the results achieved from sessions with your sessions.
Functional Strength & Stability Ball Training
The muscles of your trunk provide the foundation for general strength and balance. Improving the strength of your core is very beneficial to guard against back pain. Learn how to pick up heavy objects safely, protect your posture especially useful if seated for long periods regularly!
Sport specific
If you have a particular sport that you want to improve upon, Barbara can tailor sessions to target that area, be it tennis, golf , running etc
Injury Rehabilitation
If you are recovering from an injury our trainers have knowledge and experience to help you get back on track with your fitness regime
Pre wedding special
In preparation for the big day we can design an intensive program with fast and lasting results. See the success story page.
Your trainer will initially sit down with you and work out exactly where you are starting from, using assessment tools and help you figure out realistic and achievable goals.Then together with you, work out a program to meet your specific needs to get the results you want.

What People Say

'Barbara helped me get in shape for my wedding, and I can't say enough good things about her. In a relatively short amount of time, she helped me to achieve amazing results.'
Kristin Attorney

Sarah Louise has many strengths and what makes her stand out is her creativity. She consistently put a lot of effort to develop the right program for the sessions, not only based on the goals that were set to be achieved but also taking into consideration what had been done previously, my feedback on past sessions and the actual progress that I was making.  She managed to keep me focused by making our sessions varied, interesting and challenging. She has an individual approach and it always felt that her work with me was tailored just for my needs and my body.

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