personal training
personal training
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'How ridiculous, I used to pay the gym and not actually go. Finding Barbara has been great for me. After discussing my objectives with her she started work on me.... she understands the way my body works, she's brilliant at nutrition and is totally motivating. Barbara is great, I can't recommend her highly enough. I actually look forward to my sessions. The fact that she loves my dog is a bonus!'

photo: team
Barbara, in the middle, with clients, after finishing a 5x5km fun relay race in Tiergarten Berlin.

personal training with gymstick
Holly training Jo using the gymstick.
photo: group in gym
Exercise with a friend.
Small group packages available.
floor exercises
Holly training a client at home
photo: exercising in the garden
Exercise in your own garden!
Lots of fun using the stability ball.
couples exercising
Happy to train couples together
photo: exercising with pets
Pets welcome to join in!
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