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personal training
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Anna first came to see me four months after the birth of her third child. She had put on a little more weight with each of her pregnancies and was the heaviest she had ever been in her life. Anna felt displaced inside a body that was no longer recognisable as her own and was sick and tired of the way she looked.

Anna wanted her pre-baby body back! She wanted to fit into her old favourite jeans and feel good about the way she looked.

Anna was the perfect student – she was (and still is!) committed to the program I presented to her and was prepared to make the changes in her life in order to reach her goals. Anna worked out with me twice a week, doing a combination of cardio and strength work, for fast and effective weight loss and toning. As well, she went running or swimming once a week by herself. We did a lot of diet counselling and planning together and little by little we altered Anna’s eating habits to enable Anna to still enjoy her food but in a way that did not mean putting on the pounds.

After six months Anna had not only achieved her optimal weight, but claimed she was the most toned and fit she had ever been in her life! She dropped three dress sizes and was back in her old jeans! Anna not only looks amazing, but feels fantastic and in control of her body.

Overall Impressions
“Exercising has never been my cup of tea. However, after three pregnancies I realized there was no way I could escape that, if I wanted to get back somewhere close to my pre-pregnancy figure. That’s where I met Holly. She understood completely what I was aiming for. The program she established for me proved to be very efficient. Holly is very supportive. Her advice about nutrition is just great. She is always realistic and has lots of practical tips to fit into a busy family life. I am back into my old pair of jeans, I have actually never been fitter in my life. I can even jog for more than 30 minutes without feeling like I am going to die, which is far beyond my expectations. Thank you Holly!”

What People Say

'Sarah Louise has the skills and qualities of a successful personal trainer. She is honest, motivated, and enthusiastic and she knows what we need. I would gladly work with her again and I would highly recommend her as a personal trainer.'

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