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timi   Background
When Tim first came to see me his long term knee problems were causing him difficulty functioning in everyday activities. His knee problems were causing his thigh muscles to waste away and inhibited any form of physical activity. Tim had difficulty walking up and down stairs, crouching and his general fitness was at an all time low.

Tim wanted specifically to re-build and strengthen his leg muscles and reduce knee pain, as well as improve his general fitness levels. Tim wanted to increase muscle definition and gain a functional level of fitness. As Tim was busy running his own business and had minimal time to dedicate to exercise, he wanted maximum results in two sessions a week.

I developed a holistic program for Tim that provided him with a balanced workout to increase fitness levels and improve muscular strength. All exercises were safe and targeted at re-building his leg muscles, whilst our balanced approach incorporated core and upper body strength exercises.

After less than 6 months Tim’s fitness levels have improved dramatically. His strength and muscular tone have improved and the size of his waist decreased. Most importantly he has built 3 centimetres of muscle on each thigh and has almost eradicated his knee pain.

Overall Impressions
“I came to Agile Fitness with the objective of building core strength in my abdominals and to strengthen my legs in order to resolve my knee and back problems. Holly tailored a varied program for me to achieve this with minimum risk to my knees. Several months later I can really feel the results. Holly’s program has also helped me achieve a much higher level of fitness. Barbara and Holly are very friendly and I would recommend them to anyone especially if they hadn’t exercised for a long time.”

What People Say

'Barbara helped me get in shape for my wedding, and I can't say enough good things about her. In a relatively short amount of time, she helped me to achieve amazing results.' Kristin Attorney
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