personal training
personal training
Agile Fitness - Success Stories

Nicole came to me with the long term goal of improving strength in her back in order to counteract a back condition that she had. Other goals were generally to “fight gravity” and to improve her core stability.

Nicole expected to be motivated, given exercise homework for when I wasn’t training her and to have me check on that on a weekly basis.

• Initial assessment to ascertain abdominal strength, flexibility and girth measurements.
• A planned program specifically tailored to her needs using heart rate monitoring and weekly progress checks.
• Friendly and expert motivational support on a regular basis.
• Specific back exercises to counteract sitting at a computer for 6+ hours a day

• Inch loss
• Improved core strength
• Increased stamina
• Better balance
• Proficiency in use of the heart rate monitor (still used on a regular basis )
• Improved posture

Overall Impressions
'How ridiculous, I used to pay the gym and not actually go! I made the decision that the only way I was going to start getting fit was to find a personal trainer. Finding Barbara has been the best thing for me. After discussing my objectives with her she started work on me.... she understands the way your body works, she's brilliant at nutrition and is totally motivating without being over bearing. Barbara is great, I can't recommend her highly enough. I actually look forward to my sessions.The fact that she loves my dog is a bonus!'

What People Say

Sarah Louise's knowledge of the body is outstanding, and she made sure that this knowledge of why certain things happen and reasons for doing specific activities is communicated as it helped to keep the drive alive. She also has a great ability to recognise where extra attention has to be put and she is honest in her feedback and will praise when it is earned.


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