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timi   Background
Jo and Rob came to see me 8 months before their wedding. Both had busy office jobs, had never been keen exercisers, but both wanted to lose weight and tone up for the big day. The couple thought it would be fun to workout together and would help each other stay focussed on their long term goals.

Jo wanted to be a beautiful bride, knowing her image would be preserved in photos for many years to come! She wanted to not only lose weight but develop tone and muscle definition, especially in her arms which were exposed in her wedding dress. Rob also wanted to lose a little weight and strengthen his body.

Rob and Jo could only find the time in their busy schedules to have one session a week, but they were willing to work hard, as well as go for a walk/jog once a week. Their sessions combined cardio and strength work, focussing on the areas of their body they most wanted to improve. On top of this Rob and Jo kept a food diary and took on board the suggestions I made to improve their diet to maximise weight loss.

Jo was the beautiful bride she had dreamed of, loosing 12.5 centimetres from her waist line, 6.5 centimetres from each of her thighs and her arms were wonderfully toned! Jo felt fantastic on her wedding day and also enjoyed friends and workmates commenting on how great she looked. Rob lost almost 10 centimetres from his waist and built great muscle definition on his legs and arms. As well as that, in our sessions together we never stopped laughing!

Overall Impressions
“My Fiance and I decided that we needed to get into shape for our wedding and came across 'Agile Fitness'. We were put in touch with Holly and haven't looked back since! It's been over 8 weeks now and already we are seeing some great results. Not only do we have a great time during our 1 hour weekly session but we're losing weight and inches as well. Holly is a great motivator and adapts each session to make the exercises fun. We look forward to spending our time with Holly as she is always so positive about our achievements and she makes us want to do better. We can't speak of her highly enough and she has become part of our life now, like a friend” Jo and Rob, Queens Park NW6.

What People Say

'Barbara helped me get in shape for my wedding, and I can't say enough good things about her. In a relatively short amount of time, she helped me to achieve amazing results.' Kristin Attorney
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